Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to reading preferences, I am a genre slut.  Give me a regency romance, chick lit or cozy mystery and I’ll tuck myself into a beach chair and loose myself for hours, at great risk for serious sunburn, I might add.  So imagine my degree of lobster redness I cooked myself to when I found a story that skillfully melded all three of my favorite genres into one!    

Book Title:  Miss Quinn’s Quandary, by Shirley Marks
Genre: Regency Romance    
Setting:  London and surrounding countryside
Format:  Hardcover
Pages: 265
Publication date:  2008
Publisher:  Avalon Books
Favorite Passage:  That morning she <<Miss Quinn>> had left Miss Simmons’ Seminary for Young Ladies.  It was the first time in all of her eighteen years she had ever been on her own.  At the seminary, there was always someone to tell you what to do, how to behave, or when to speak, and she was so very tired of it.
          It was that morning, while traveling up the Severn, when she had decided to do something about her wasted lift.  Something bold, something exciting, something memorable. 
          Now she shared a room with a perfect stranger. 

Beach Read Rating: 5 (out of 5) Beach Umbrellas

Review: What makes this book so delightful is the premise of a perfectly proper young woman telling a little white lie that snowballs into a whole heapin’ lot of trouble.  I relate to the lovely Miss Quinn because I, too, would be tempted to fib if it meant I could enjoy the comforts of a warm and cozy feather tick for my overnight stay vice bedding down on a pallet of straw in the barn.  Imagine the creepy crawlies in that straw!  <<shudder shudder!!!>> So our heroine claims to be married to a perfect stranger in order they may get the last room at the inn.  With no plans of ever seeing the man again, then, well, no harm no foul, right?  Wrong!    Author Shirley Marks brings the two back together and that’s when the fun really starts.  And if that wasn’t enough of a delightful regency/chick lit romp, the story is basted with a hint of a crime that the hero and heroine must solve before the HEA (that’s happily ever after for those of you no current with romance acronyms) ending.  What more can this reader ask for?  Nothing!   Miss Quinn’s Quandary is a totally satisfying read.    

Larissa Quinn travels directly from Miss Simmons' Seminary to the wilds of Westmoreland to care for her elderly aunt. After the day long journey, the only place for the weary travelers to sleep is the barn of an over-booked inn with only a single vacancy.
Cover blurb: 
Larissa, who has no intention of sleeping on a pile of straw, steps forward, claiming to be newly wed to Sir Randall Trent, baronet and unwitting accomplice in Larissa's scheme for adventure, in order to claim the last empty room.
Convinced they will never see one another again and that no one will be the wiser about their little white lie, Larissa and Sir Randall part ways, though not before Sir Randall can bestow upon Larissa a passionate kiss that sends her reeling. Both are surprised to be thrown together again so soon in London for the season.
When their secret is discovered, Larissa and Sir Randall are forced to band together in the face of a crime spree in which Sir Randall is implicated. Life is about to offer Larissa an adventure unlike any she had ever imagined.


Jolyse Barnett said...

Thanks for sharing your recommendation, Jayne. Sounds like a perfect match for me as well. Another title for my TBR pile. :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a cute story. It reminds me of some of those screwball comedies--like It Happened One Night. Thanks for the recommendation.