Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beach Read: A LITTLE BIT OF PASSION by Beate Boeker

If you mix Latin and German, author Beate Boeker’s name literally translates to “Happy Books”.  So it is no coincidence that she writes very happy books, one that had me smiling contentedly the entire way through. 

Book Title: A Little Bit of Passion
Author:  Beate Boeker
Genre:  Contemporary Romance 
Setting: Grand Teton Mountains/Seattle, WA/Long Island NY
Format:  Hardcover from the local library—so a FREE READ! 
Pages: 186
Publication date:  2011
Publisher:  Avalon Books
Favorite Passage:  (while I’m reading a book I plan to review, I pay particular attention to passages I find sigh-worthy, and this one book had one beautifully written passage after another so my marker kept moving along in the book.  I found it impossible to choose just one out of so many, so here are two): 

Favorite Passage One:  For some unfathomable reason, clocks gather speed whenever John is around. 

Favorite Passage Two (in an email message with regards to Karen’s opening up the bookstore she co-owns):    The bell is ringing.  Ha!  Our first tourists are trooping in.  Have to go and sell them new worlds to dream in. 

Beach Read Rating:  5 (out of 5) Beach Umbrellas

Review:  The first thing that is amazing about this book is that the author is German, yet her English voice is so rich it melts in your mouth like a particularly thick slab of fudge.  The second thing that is amazing is that the entire book is nothing more than an exchange of emails.  And not even between the heroine and the hero, but between the heroine and her best friend.  As we all know, there are things you can tell your best friend that you would never reveal (sometimes not even to yourself) to a new boyfriend/potential life mate. But the way the story unfolds you can feel the growing attraction between the H/H, watch the conflict manifest itself, and celebrate the Happily Ever After--and don’t anyone complain that I ruined the ending here…it IS a romance for gawd’s sake! The beauty of this story is the journey of two people finding forever-and-ever-Amen love!   
The descriptions of the Teton Mountains (one of which is called Fred…seriously, who names a mountain Fred?) and the Seattle skyline and the bustling bookstore will leave you feeling as if you are actually there, not curled up as I was in a papasan chair while the rain smacked against the windows.  This is ‘escapism reading” at its best!  According to the cover flap, Beate Boeker has two other books available to be read:  Wings to Fly and Take My Place, so I’m off to my library right now to check them out. 
Karen Larsen calls herself a modern gypsy because she has split her life into two perfect halves. In winter, she's a skiing instructor in the Teton Mountain Range; in summer, she works at the bookstore she owns on Long Island, New York. But one Easter holiday, John Bermett and his son Gerry join her skiing group, and her perfectly balanced universe is shaken. John is the owner and CEO of ON!, the largest electronic equipment company in America. Though there is an intense mutual attraction, Karen feels that dating John would disrupt her free-spirited lifestyle. She works through her internal struggle in e-mail correspondence with her best friend, Leslie Carter, co-owner of the bookstore.
Cover blurb: 
Can she overcome her need for independence and find a compromise between her single life and the man who might be the love of it?


Anonymous said...

I don't usually read romance, but the idea of a book made up of nothing but emails grabs my interest. I may end up having to check this out. Thanks for reviewing it here. :D

Patricia said...

The book is definitely one I'd love to read. Thank you for the review and excerpt.

Beate Boeker said...

Hi Jayne,
Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I just read it to my family (translating it as I went along), and they were as delighted as I am! You had told me in advance that you would mention your favorite passages, and I love that idea and was so curious to see which ones you would choose! I have favorite passages in the books I love, and I secretly rejoice whenever I get to them - so it was exciting to discover your choice!
Thank you so much, Jayne!