Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beach Read: CALLIE'S CHOICE by Emilee Hines

(I’m busy promoting my book this week so thank goodness for writer friends who step up to guest blog at a moment’s notice.  I’m happy to have Sandra Brown Rarey back with this week’s Beach Read Review.) 

Book Title: Callie’s Choice
Author:  Emilee Hines
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: Paperback
Pages: 187
Publication date: October, 2010
Publisher: Create Space

Beach Read Rating:  5 Beach Umbrellas

Review:  I’m such an American history buff, that while all America watches Dancing With the Stars or Monday Night football, you will find me snuggled on the couch watching How The West Was Won. Or reading. This weekend it was Callie’s Choice by Emilee Hines. Callie’s Choice is a delectable American historical romance with great sexual tension, danger and an intriguing view of history. 
Callie Spencer has known the touch of three men in her 18 years. The loving touch of her father, who died too young, the brutal hand of her stepfather, whom she may have killed. And now, a stranger who has accused her of spying, threatened to beat her and trussed her like the furs on his saddle. Of course, she’d tried to steal everything he owned.
Thus begins Callie’s journey as she flees from Virginia to New Orleans in the pivotal year of 1814. On the way, Callie and her unwelcome benefactor, Andrew Logan, a young man who both draws and repels her, face enemy soldiers, thieves, wild animals and floods. Callie may be a hunted murderess. Or, she may be hunted by her vengeful stepfather if he survived her defensive attack.
Callie saves Andrew’s life after a knife attack by a robber. Andrew, who was on his own journey to New Orleans to face his unsavory past begins to think of her as an asset instead of a distasteful responsibility. If only he could rid himself of his unwelcome desire for her. A desire not reciprocated by a distrustful Callie. A desire that could derail his ambitions and destroy this woman/child who, under his protection, is blooming from an unkempt waif into a sensuous woman.

Cover Blurb:  Callie Spencer's first choice was born of a survival instinct: her need to escape her stepfather and his plans for her. Her mission is to make it to New Orleans and her Aunt Rachel, who she hopes will recognize her by her late mother's ring. But the road from western Virginia to southern Louisiana is treacherous, especially in 1814: thieves, Kaintucks and British troops are just a few of the dangers Callie faces, and a battle is coming that will endanger them all. When she meets Andrew Logan, Callie is drawn to his strength and bravery. But Andrew has his own ambitions... and his own secrets. Now Callie must make another choice: can she trust him?

About the reviewer:  Sandra Rarey writes contemporary and historical romance and paranormal romantic comedy. She writes romance because she loves love. It is the root of human hope and the foundation for almost all of the classic tales ever told. It is the lure that pulls us together and the tie that binds us forever. 

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