Friday, February 17, 2012

Beach Chat with Chrystle Fiedler

Beach chat:  15 questions answered by an author.  Go! 
Name: Chrystle Fiedler
  Favorite beach memory: The East End of Long Island is surrounded by water so there are beaches galore! I started going to the beach before I could walk and my love of the water continues to this day. My best beach memory has to be going to the Sound with my mom and dad and sister Val and my dog Snipsi, a dachshund. We would bring lunch and a grill and food to cook for dinner and snacks (of course!) so we could stay all day. It was absolutely wonderful to lie on a blanket and read and eat goldfish crackers and potato chips. The days seemed endless. These are some of my best childhood memories.
One guilty pleasure: Chocolate and reality shows like Survivor and Project Runway.

Dream car: I have a PT Cruiser, so Id have to say a new PT Cruiser!

Three of your favorite things: My dogs, my cats, my cozy cottage!
Pet peeve: Ignorance and cruelty. When I hear someone has hurt an animal I get really upset. It all comes down to ignorance and meanness. They just dont know or care. I do all I can to help animals whether it means calling my Congressman or giving to non-profits like All American Dachshund Rescue ( My dachshund Wallander came to me from the AADR. Hes a love!
Worst non-writing job you ever had: I worked at Cablevision helping people get their cable installed for over a year. It was awful!
Book you are reading right now: Dire Threads: A Threadville Mystery by Janet Bolin. It’s a cozy mystery. I love to write and read cozy mysteries. Its a great escape from reality!
Preference, print or ebook: Print. I like the feeling of a book in my hands.
Favorite place to write: With my laptop, on the living room couch.
Current work in progress: I’m rewriting Scent to Kill: A Natural Remedies Mystery, the sequel to my debut novel Death Drops: A Natural Remedies Mystery which will be published by Gallery Books and Simon & Schuster on February 21st.   Very exciting!
Biggest writing challenge: Starting! What people who don’t write may not understand that the action of starting to write is painful. At least it is for me. You have to pierce the barrier of inertia. Once I get started I’m fine. I lose myself in the process and time flies.  
Genre you write: Cozy Mystery
 One author, living or dead, with whom you'd like to sip Mai Tais with on Waikiki Beach: Diane Mott Davidson, the author of the catering mysteries. She’s the one who inspired me to write a cozy mystery. I’d like to pick her brain!
Favorite quote or saying: “Leap and the Net Will Appear. I think it’s by Goethe. I also like what Library Journal had to say about Death Drops: “With a terrific premise and an interesting idea, Fiedler’s debut shows promise.”
Author Chrystle Fiedler
and Wallander, her dachsund mix
Bio: I’m the author of DEATH DROPS: A NATURAL REMEDIES MYSTERY (Gallery Books/Simon and Schuster) which will be published on February 21st 2012. I’m also the author of the non-fiction title THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO NATURAL REMEDIES (Alpha, 2009), co-author of BEAT SUGAR ADDICTION NOW! (Fairwinds Press, 2010), currently in its fourth printing, the BEAT SUGAR ADDICTION NOW! COOKBOOK (Fairwinds Press, 2012) and THE COUNTRY ALMANAC OF HOME REMEDIES (Fairwinds, 2011). My magazine articles featuring natural remedies have appeared in many national publications including  Better Homes and Gardens, Natural Health, Vegetarian Times and Remedy. I’m a native of the North Fork on Long Island.  Please visit and www.killerhobbies.blogspo where I blog on Saturdays!
Here’s what my new book Death Drops: A Natural Remedies Mystery is about:  
Dr. Willow McQuade, N.D., a twenty-eight-year-old naturopathic doctor specializing in natural remedies, has decided to take sabbatical and visit her Aunt Claire, the owner of Nature’s Way Market and Cafe in idyllic Greenport, Long Island. But the idea of rest and relaxation is quickly forgotten when Willow arrives from a morning meditative walk to discover her Aunt Claire dead in the store, a strange almond-like smell emanating from her mouth and a bottle of flower essences by her side.
Despite her Zen nature and penchant for yoga, Aunt Claire had a knack for getting into confrontations with folks. An activist, she held weekly meetings for different causes every week in the store. The police want to believe the death is accidental—but Willow thinks she may have been poisoned. 
Things get worse when Aunt Claire’s valuable recipe for a new natural age-defying formula, Fresh Face, is stolen during a store break-in, and an attempt is made on Willow’s life. Desperate for a way out of the mess, she turns to a handsome young cop Jackson Spade. Together the two set about solving the case the natural way—through a combination of hard work, common sense, and a dose of luck.

Praise for Death Drops: A Natural Remedies Mystery:
Ø      “With a terrific premise and an interesting topic, Fiedler’s debut shows promise.”  ~ Library Journal
Ø      Death Drops is a gem! Entertaining, informative, and with a mystery that had me completely baffled! ~ Gayle Trent, author of Killer Sweet Tooth
Ø      "Fiedler's absorbing mystery is an entertaining debut, featuring a likeable menagerie of characters, filled with natural remedies, with all of it unfolding on Long Island's idyllic East End."  ~Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, author of the national bestseller Liberating Paris.
Ø      “An engaging investigative thriller…an enjoyable whodunit.” ~The Mystery Gazette
Death Drops: A Natural Remedies Mystery is on sale now on and other sites along with your local bookstore. For more information please visit


Patricia said...

Great interview. I enjoy reading cozy mysteries and one of my favorite authors is Diane Mott Davidson! I don't write cozies but I love reading them and your book and the sequel sound right up my alley.
And my heart belongs to animals as well. If I see a stray dog I never pass him/her up - ever!

Chrystle Fiedler said...

Thanks for your comment Patti! It's always great to hear from a fellow animal lover! I hope you enjoy the books!

Charlottemacaw said...

Your books sound very enticinging to someone who also loves animals and is interested in natural remedies. It will be interesting to see how both play into your stories. And I am certainly going to check out your non-fiction! I'm a sugar addict. Help!

Jayne Ormerod... said...

From JSR via Jayne's email:

I had a cat that looked exactly like the one pictured on the cover when I was a kid. Did you model it after on of your own cats? Would love to read the book! Thanks.