Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beach Read: "The Earl That I Marry" by Ann Yost

Maybe it’s because I have no desire to ever write a regency romance that allows me to read this genre for pure unadulterated enjoyment-- and without that evil green-eyed monster named Jealousy sitting on my shoulder, but I do love a good regency, and Ann Yost has penned a delightful tale.  And a head’s up, if you want to know more about the author, come back on Friday for Beach Chat where Ann will stop by for a tittle-tattle . 

Book Title: The Earl That I Marry
Author:  Ann Yost
Genre:  Historical Romance
Setting:  An English manor house
Format:  enovella
Publication date:  November 2011
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press
Opening Line: “Devil take it.  Not again.” 

Favorite Passage:  Mrs. Henrietta Swope-Hanley was a handsome, well-upholstered woman whose abundant bosom inevitably preceded the rest of her when entering a room or exiting a carriage. 

Beach Read Rating: 5 out of 5 Beach Umbrellas

Review: I love this book.  Author Ann Yost has mastered the richness and delicious flavor of the language from that time period.  Many books I have read use it in dialogue, but Ann carries it through the narrative, which makes for a delightful read that really draws the reader into the story.  Add two compelling main characters and  sprinkle in a dash of humor and this is a recipe for the perfect read.  I highly recommend this book to any discerning regency reader.  Enjoy!   

Flap Copy: 
A reluctant earl, a determined lady, an abandoned cottage…scandal, anyone?
The Earl of Marchmont is threatening Honeysuckle Watson’s family home—but Honey has a plan. She will lure the earl from London with tales of a highwayman, and then she will compromise herself to force his hand. But when the arrogant earl arrives, Honey finds her plans backfiring in a hurry…
Reginald Wanstead never wanted to be Earl of Marchmont, but now he is, he must marry and produce an heir. He wants a biddable wife who won’t inconvenience him—certainly not Honeysuckle Watson with her fiery hair and lectures about his duties to his tenants. So why can’t he get her out of his thoughts?
When a thunderstorm forces Honey and Reggie to shelter in an empty cottage, Honey’s opportunity is at hand…but her treacherous heart betrays her. Has she fallen in love with the devil earl?

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