Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beach Read: EVERYTHING BUT A GROOM by Holly Jacobs

The first chick-lit book I ever read was by Holly Jacobs, in the now defunct Harlequin Duets line.  It was then I realized there was a market for the humorous romance.  It was the biggest “Ah HA!” moment of my writing career.  So when I discovered that Holly also wrote for Avalon Books, a little thrill ran up my spine because we shared the same publisher! And she’s still writing for Avalon (as well as Harlequin).  When I found this out, I wanted to read her latest release.  But alas, it’s 5th in a series, and being the type of person I am, I have to start reading a series with the first book.  While today’s Beach Read was published in 2007, it’s aged well and still is the perfect book to take along on your next beach outing.  And in another totally thrilling, pinch-me-cuz-I-think-I’m-dreaming moment, Holly has agreed to stop by for a  Beach Chat on Friday!  You’ll want to be sure and check back to see what her worst non-writing job ever was!  But today, let’s get on with the book review. 

Book Title: Everything But a Groom
Author:  Holly Jacobs
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Setting:  Erie, PA
Format:  Hardcover
Pages:  186
Publication date:  Dec, 2007
Publisher:  Avalon Books
Opening Line: Vancy Bashalde was the most beautiful woman in the small town of Erdely, Hungary. 
Favorite Passage:  “Uncle Matt was kissin’ Vancy’s boo-boo but his lips slipped from her nose to her mouth.”  (spoken by a pre-school aged boy, but I’m sure you figured that out.)

Beach Read Rating:  5 (out of 5) Beach Umbrellas

Review: This book was voted on of Booklists Top 10 Romances of ’08.  Need I say more?  Probably not, but I will. 
          The Wedding Curse enacted by Vancy Bashalde when she was a young girl in Hungary is manifesting itself in yet another generation, this time on her grandchildren.  Poor Vancy (the granddaughter) is left at the altar and the Press loves the “wedding curse” angle and hounds her for a story.  What’s a poor girl to do but hide out with the hunkiest bachelor in all of Erie, PA?  Throw a pair of nephew boys who are dropped on the hunk’s doorstep and you have the premise for a true romance that will tug at your heartstrings from every angle possible.  I smiled through all 186 pages, and was sad when it was over. But no worries, as the series continues with Everything But a Bride (Aug 08), Everything But a Wedding (Dec 08), Everything But a Christmas Eve (Dec 09),  Everything But a Mother (Feb 12) and will conclude with Everything But a Dog (Jun 12), all available for purchase or from a lending library near you. 

Flap Copy:  Every Hungarian Grandma knows that words have power. Nana Salo never meant the words she said in anger to become a family curse, but that’s just what happened. Her granddaughter Vancy is just the newest victim. Vancy’s fianc√© has left her at the altar, and now the press is after a hot Grandma-curses-granddaughter’s-wedding story.
Vancy doesn’t believe in the Salo Wedding Curse, but when her groom ditches her and the press is hot on her heels, she’s not quite so sure anymore. She’s hiding out with Matt Wilde, owner of the Everything Wilde landscaping business, helping out with his two newly-inherited nephews as she figures out what to do.
Matt doesn’t believe in curses either, but he seems cursed with thoughts of Vancy Salo that he just can’t seem to shake.
A hoard of reporters, a guilty grandma, a gaggle of other family members, and two four-year-olds that both steal their hearts and wreak their own havoc: it’s not exactly a classic situation for falling in love...but that’s just what may be happening for Vancy and Matt.

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Jolyse Barnett said...

I've always enjoyed Holly Jacob's writing style, having read a number of her category contemporary romance novels. Thanks for the recommendation, Jayne!