Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beach Read: HEAT RISES by Richard Castle

If you’re not familiar with the ABC show Castle then this book might not mean much to you.  But along the lines of the Murder, She Wrote series, author Richard Castle is a thriller writer on the TV show. On the show, his latest bestseller is based on a New York cop named Nikki Heat, which is based on the “real” New York Cop in the fictional show by the name of Kate Becket.  So all the characters in the book are based on the characters in the TV show, and it’s kind of mind-warping, in a parallel-universe sort of way. 

Book Title: Heat Rises (Nikki Heat Series #3)
Author:  Richard Castle
Genre:  Mystery
Setting:  New York City
Format:  Hardcover
Pages:  301
Publication date:  September, 2011
Publisher:  Hyperion New York
Opening Line: The Thing about New York City is you never know what’s behind a door. 
Favorite Passage:  There were no feet under the stalls in the gents’.  Rook hurried to his business, achieving blessed relief as he read the sampler hung above the urinal:  “ ‘ Write drunk; edit sober.’—Ernest Hemingway.”

Beach Read Rating: 4 out of 5 Beach Umbrellas

Review: I’m gonna preface this review with this, like the TV show, leans more towards the dark and disturbing than my customary light and cozy.  But the cop talk and sexual banter is a lot of fun.  And knowing the TV characters makes reading about their literary altar egos a (as my dad used to say) a real kick in the pants.  This book is laugh out loud funny at some points, and close-your-eye-s gory at others, but that’s life in the Big City, I guess.  My only complaints are the scenes where bands of bad people (as in professional killers) go after Nikki and she single-handedly defeats them all!  A little too much “fantasy” for my taste.  But overall a great engaging read.  I am curious who the "real" author is behind the "Richard Castle" name because I would love to read more of his/her/their books. 

Flap Copy: 
The bizarre murder of a parish priest at a New York bondage club opens Nikki Heat's most thrilling and dangerous case so far, pitting her against New York's most vicious drug lord, an arrogant CIA contractor, and a shadowy death squad out to gun her down. And that is just the tip of an iceberg that leads to a dark conspiracy reaching all the way to the highest level of the NYPD.
But when she gets too close to the truth, Nikki finds herself disgraced, stripped of her badge, and out on her own as a target for killers, with nobody she can trust. Except maybe the one man in her life who's not a cop: reporter Jameson Rook.
In the midst of New York's coldest winter in a hundred years, there's one thing Nikki is determined to prove: Heat Rises.


Julie Glover said...

I've wondered about these books based on the show. Thanks for posting this review. Very interesting.

Jayne Ormerod... said...

Julie, I've read all three books in this series, and have to say the third one is the best of the bunch.