Friday, March 30, 2012

Beach Chat with Shelia Claydon

Fifteen quick questions answered by a writer:

Name:   Sheila Claydon

 Best beach memory:   The first time I saw Three Cliffs Bay in the Gower, South Wales. It was the mid 1970s and until then I had only experienced the overcrowded holiday beaches of the south coast, so the sight of something so deserted and tranquil was breathtaking. I have visited lots of other beautiful beaches since then but nothing has beaten the sudden rush of pleasure I experienced all those years ago.

One guilty pleasure: Reading when I should be doing housework

Dream car: It was a Mazda MX5 in racing bronze! I owned it for 4 years but I sold it when my first granddaughter arrived. I exchanged glamour and excitement for the safety of a hardtop plus space for a baby seat!  It was a fair swop though.

Three of your favorite things:
  • Hearing the first lark song of spring
  • A wood full of bluebells
  • An almost deserted beach at the end of a hot summer’s day 
(I get to experience all these things every year right on my own doorstep.  You have just made me realize how lucky I am)

Pet peeve:  Bullies and manipulators

Worst non-writing job you ever had: Stacking cheese in a warehouse (don’t ask!)

Book you are reading right now:  The Year of Living Biblically by A. J. Jacobs: It’s a really intriguing book

Preference, print or ebook: I like both. Which one I use depends what I am doing. Now that I have a kindle I find that I read even more than I used to.

Favorite place to write: Anywhere as long as I have my computer

Biggest writing challenge: Time. There’s never enough of it.

Genre you write: Mainly sweet romance although I am experimenting with romantic suspense as well. I have also just finished my first children’s book.

Current work in progress: I am at the beginning of my Pathways series: three books about three sisters. Each book will concentrate on one of them. The trilogy/sisters idea isn’t a new one, but I hope that the twist to my stories is. I am very excited about it.

   One author, living or dead, with whom you’d like to sip Mai Tais with on Waikiki Beach:  Although I’m a bit worried that if I am sipping a Mai Tai I might not be able to have a sensible conversation, it would have to be Stephen King! Yes, you did hear it right. He’s far from a classical writer and I know he’s a long way from romance, but if you have ever read his book A Memoir of the Craft you would know why I would like to meet him. Even readers who don’t enjoy horror stories agree that he has a wonderful way with words. I also think he is a fantastic observer of the human spirit.

Favorite quote or saying: I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” ~Mary Anne Radmacher Hershey


When my children were small I wrote around naptime and school pick up. Four published romances and a poetry prize later, life choices meant that I turned my back on fiction and rejoined the corporate world. I was still writing but this time for marketing, PR, annual reports, newsletters and projects. I worked in health, education and employment for more than 20 years and, although not always welcome, those years definitely made me a sharper writer. Now I have returned to fiction I am better at editing, better at revision, and much, much less precious about my prose. Fortunately the whispering characters in my imagination waited for me too.

In my earlier writing career I used the pseudonym Anne Beverley (Golden Girl, Bouquet of Thorns, The Hollywood Collection, Empty Hearts). Now that I am no longer shy, I write under my own name.

Recent releases:

Cabin Fever (March 2012) Books-We-Love

When I’m not travelling, I live and walk on the north west coast of England with my husband and my neurotic dog.

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Sheila Claydon said...

Thank you for making our beach chat so much fun Jayne, and for taking the trouble to find that wonderful picture of Three Cliffs Bay. What wonderful memories that brought back to me, including the idea for a book.

Georgie Lee said...

Fun interview! I read The Year of Living Biblically. It's an interesting read.