Monday, October 29, 2012

Beach Read: The Ghost

It’s that time of year, and I wanted to find a spooky tale for your spine-tingling pleasure.  This one is the spookiest romance I have ever read, a brand new release from a brand new author, just in time for All Hallow’s Eve.   

Book Title: The Ghost
Author:  Sandra Brown Rarey
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Setting:  New England Coast
Format:  E-book
Pages:  144
Publication date:  October 17, 2012
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Opening Line:  Elizabeth Barrett’s house sat on the edge of a promontory that jutted over steep cliffs like a bony finger pointing at something beyond the foaming, angry seas.  Or, perhaps, beckoning something unknown to come closer. 

Favorite Passage:  (continued from opening line…)

     The house was nestled in deep cedars and green shadows that hid it from the rest of the world.  It was her paradise on earth.  She was at peace within its walls, her oft-broken heart safe and secure in the hands of Angus Aberdeen.
     Elizabeth and Angus had lived together since the day she moved into the house.  They’d had a perfect relationship for the past thirty-six months.
     It didn’t bother Elizabeth that Angus had been dead for well over a hundred years.
     He never seemed to mind she was alive. 
     Peace and harmony reigned in the house at the end of Mulberry Drive

Beach Read Rating: 5 out of 5 Beach Umbrellas

Review: Okay, if that opening scene and favorite passage didn’t leave the hairs at the back of your neck standing at full attention, then you must be one of the “ghosts” that Ms. Rarey writes about.  This story is a modern day Gothic Romance (defined as a romance that deals with desolate and mysterious events), complete with the drama and tension that defines the genre.  And then she upped the spooky factor by throwing a hundred-year-old haunting spirit into the mix.   
          Angus Aberdeen (the ghost who shares a home with protagonist Elizabeth) is about as “old school” as they get; proper, polite, considerate, and, one might say, a true Victorian.  You can’t help but swoon.    
          Duncan Munroe is also proper and polite, and everything a woman could wish for, and he has one advantage over Angus in the competition to capture Elizabeth’s heart; he’s alive.
          Both men are desirable, but only one will win Elizabeth’s affections.    
          This is a story of love, passion and obsession.   
          For those of you who don’t believe in ghosts, I challenge you to still be a non-believer after reading this one!   

Flap Copy:  Elizabeth finds solace and companionship by sharing her Victorian home with Angus, a benevolent hundred-year=old ghost.  A stranger, Duncan, seeks her out, claiming to be searching for the apparition who murdered his wife.  Duncan, with the aid of gruesome photos and Angus’s diary, makes Elizabeth suspect she may be living with an evil presence.
          Angus, a nebulous force, finds he must no make himself known in more substantial ways as he tries to convince Elizabeth that Duncan is lying.  He twists her compassion and friendship into a sexual love that threatens to turn into obsession.
          Duncan also seeks Elizabeth’s heart and uses every sensual skill at his mortal disposal to steal her love and loyalty, and persuade her to allow an exorcism that would vanquish Angus.
          Elizabeth finds herself spinning into a vortex of love and lust, lies and deceit.  She desires them both, even though Duncan may not be the man he claims to be, and Angus may be a spiritual serial murderer. 
          Elizabeth is unwilling to give up either, until a shocking discovery forces her to choose between them. 

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