Monday, October 8, 2012

Beach Read: Misery Loves Cabernet

Maybe you can’t “judge a book by its cover," but I’m willing to buy a book based on the cover and give it a try.  Or maybe it was the title that caught my eye.  Either way, while wandering the book aisles of Target, this book practically jumped into my cart.   I was not disappointed. 

Book Title:  Misery Love Cabernet
Author:  Kim Gruenenfelder
Genre: On the Chick Lit side of women’s fiction
Setting:  Los Angeles/Hollywood   
Format:  Trade paperback
Pages:  358
Publication date:  2009, re-released May 2012
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Griffin New York
Opening Line: Do not read and reread a man’s text message, or e-mail, or listen to his voice message, over and over again.  Do not try to delve into his words for hidden meaning, or call your friends to get their opinions on “what he really means.”  It’s a message, not the Constitution—you’re not supposed to study it.

Favorite Passage:  <<when Hollywood’s hottest movie star, Drew Stanton, decides he needs to tighten his financial purse strings>>

“…I can shop at Costco and buy in bulk.  And I can sell one of my cars—apparently I’ll save on insurance if I only have nine cars.  Plus, there’s a bunch of other stuff I can do.  My money manager was getting too lecture-y which I think is downright rude, considering I’m paying him five-hundred dollars an hour.  So, I need you to go to his office and pick up copies of all my financial records, then come over here, and help me put together a budget.”
I wonder how much it’s costing him to pay someone at his money manager’s office to copy all of his financial records on a Sunday.  I’m going to guess five hundred dollars an hour.
“After you get the records, head over to Starbucks and pick up a couple of Venti lattes and a Sunday paper.  Apparently, the Sunday paper has coupons.”
I try to tell him that since he recently bought a three-thousand dollar espresso machine, then hired a personal chef to make him lattes, perhaps he should have nine dollars he’s about to spend on coffee.  But he’s already hung up the phone.
I look down at my notebook for one final thought for the day:
Spend less than you make.
A more cynical person would have said, “A movie star and his money are soon parted.” 

Beach Read Rating:  5 out of 5 beach umbrellas

Review: If you are in the mood for a laugh-out-loud funny book, this is the one for you.  Main character the level-headed and savvy Charlie Edwards is the personal assistant to a movie star.  While slightly over the top, the book draws its humor from the foibles, cluelessness and bloated ego of a movie star.  Add in Charlie’s personal relationship problems and a best friend who is planning a wedding (with Charlie as one of the bride’s maids) and there is plenty of “story” to keep this read interesting.  Throughout the book Charlie is taking notes for a book of advice to her great-great granddaughter.  Such advice includes things like “You won’t meet your future husband at a bar,” or “You know what the right thing to do is, even though it’s usually easier (and temporarily more fun) to do the wrong thing.”  This book has been added to my “keeper” shelf.  I should note that it is the sequel to A Total Waste of Makeup.   Target didn’t sell that one so I’ll have to see if I can find it elsewhere.  

Flap Copy:  Charlize “Charlie” Edwards finally has it all: a house in Silverlake, L.A.’s hippest neighborhood, two fabulous best friends who always have her back, and a great (though hectic) job as the personal assistant to Hollywood’s hottest movie star, Drew Stanton. But best of all, Charlie has a newly feathered love nest with Jordan, the sexy photographer she recently started dating.  Maybe Charlie’s journal of smart-alecky life advice—which she’s always been better at writing than following—has finally helped put her on the right track. 
    Unfortunately for Charlie, Drew is causing complete havoc on his new movie set, her eccentric family is descending upon L.A. for the upcoming holiday season, and her love life may be back to square one.  Jordan has left L.A. to work on a film shooting in Paris, where the women are gorgeous, sophisticated, and possibly after her man.  And Drew’s handsome new producer, Liam, is an old crush who has reappeared to tug at Charlie’s heartstrings. Charlie’s torn between the misery of waiting for Jordan and the tingly feelings she has for Liam. But there’s nothing misery—or seduction—loves better than a great glass of cabernet. 

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The weather's turning chilly here so it's time to curl up with a book about warmer places. Especially a laugh out loud kind of book, so Target, here I come. Thanks, Jayne.