Monday, December 3, 2012

Beach Chat with Judy Copek

When I cast my net out for writers to stop by for a beach chat, I never know who (or is it “whom”?) I’m going to catch.  But it’s always fun to meet a new and interesting author.  I know you’ll enjoy today’s chat!    

Today’s Beach Chat guest:  Judy Copek

Recommend a Beach Read:  Any book by Paul Theroux.  He’s a wonderful travel writer and a good novelist who writes about interesting places that may make you want to jump up, brush the sand off your feet and head for the nearest airport.

Most cherished beach memory:  The first beach I ever saw was on the Oregon coast on my first ever trip West with my parents at age fourteen.   This coast looked rugged and rocky and was full of seals, cliffs, and cute little motels and places to eat.  I’ll always remember the power of the waves crashing onto the shore.

Author I would like to sip Mi Tais with:  Lawrence Durrell, whose most famous work is The Alexandria Quartet, four novels published in the late-fifties/early sixties set in Alexandria, Egypt.  These books have such memorable, unique characters and are so evocative of that city and that time.   After reading them I still feel as if I understand Egypt.

Worst non-writing job I ever had: There were two!  The first was a long evening of baby-sitting in a house that had neither books, magazines, newspapers nor television.  I nearly went mad.  The second was a short stint as a carhop when I dumped a couple of large malts into a guy’s lap.  He was not happy and I didn’t have that job much longer.

Favorite quote or saying:  It’s not the age, it’s the mileage.

Song that you dance to when no one else is watching:  Désenchantée,” a French song that I heard on an Air France flight and moved mountains to find the CD. Very French, very disillusioned, but a great song.  (My French is a little rusty, but I agree the melody is beautiful!

Three of your favorite things: “my” hummingbirds that come back to the garden every spring, a good book, and my husband.

Two secret vices:  peanut butter and fried chicken, but not together,

One pet peeve:  I hit the “mute” button when the National Anthem is given a “treatment,” by any pop artist who turns it into a wailing, caterwauling dirge.  The anthem should be played by military band at a snappy pace, and no once should be allowed to mess with it.  Sacrilege!  

        Bio/publishing credits/links: 
An information systems nerd for twenty-plus years, I’m a survivor of Dilbert-like re-engineering projects, 3:00 a.m. computer crashes and the Millennium Bug.  In my writing, I like to put a literary spin on technology.  
When I‘m not gardening, travelling or puttering about the kitchen, I’m researching my next novel at Burning Man or in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I’m a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America and New England Pen.  Among my published works are poems, short stories and memoir as well as two novels, The Shadow Warriors, and the recently published World of Mirrors. 
I’m currently working on a novel set in Southern California in 1928.
     My web page is  I’m on Facebook as Judith Copek (author page) and Judy Travis Copek.  I tweet as JudyinBoston. 

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