Friday, December 21, 2012

Beach Chat with Terry Ambrose

There is a lot of buzz in the mystery writing world for the new book on the shelf, Photo Finish, so it’s quite a coup for this little blog to to snag this up and coming author.  Here’s what some people are saying about his book: 
     “..a mystery  as refreshing  as a visit to the island themselves.” ~Deborah Coonts.
     “A magnificent read!!” ~Books4Tomorrow
     “This is mystery at its best—humor, adventure and a rip-roaring good tale.”
          ~5-star review on Goodreads.
But enough about the book, let’s get to know the author.  

Today we’re chatting with:  Terry Ambrose
Recommend a Beach Read: Haole Wood by Dee Detarsio. It’s set on Maui and is not only a good beach read, but also includes some beach scenes in the book.
Most cherished beach memory:   Sunrise at Nukolili’ Beach on Kauai. The colors are spectacular and whenever I need to calm down and forget about the stresses of daily life, I visualize that sunrise and try to feel the gentle trade winds in my face.
One author, living or dead, with whom you’d like to sip Mai Tais with on Waikiki Beach: I’d like to sip those Mai Tais with Ray Bradbury. I read so much of his stuff when I was younger and he’s such a legend that having the chance to spend time with him would be an incredible honor. I saw him speak once at a writer’s conference years ago and, despite his age and the fact that he was really slowing down at that point, he was fascinating.
Worst non-writing job you ever had: The worst non-writing job I ever had was one of my first jobs. I was young and got a job selling stereos and sewing machines. On one of my first days, after very little training, my boss and his wife went out to lunch and left me to man the store. I had one customer during that hour alone and I was able to sell a console stereo that we had on sale and advertised in the newspaper. When my boss returned from lunch and I proudly told him about the sale, he said (incredulously), “You sold the leader?” Until that moment, I didn’t know what a leader was, but soon discovered ours was a cheap set that didn’t even really work. We were supposed to up-sell the customer and never, under any circumstances, sell the leader. Thankfully, I didn’t last long.
Favorite quote or saying: My favorite quotes change periodically as I come across new ones, but my current favorite comes from Elmore Leonard. He was asked how he wrote such fast-paced novels that keep readers turning pages in anticipation of what might happen next. He said, “I try to leave out the parts people skip.”
Song that you dance to (when no one is watching): Currently? “Bad” by Michael Jackson. Thank goodness nobody’s around now! (But I can still see you in my imagination, Terry!  You’ve got some moves!) 

Three of your favorite things:
1) Number one is a walk at sunrise on Nukolili’ Beach on Kauai.
2) Hearing someone laugh out loud over something I wrote or having them tell me they couldn’t stop reading.
3) If I told you #3, you couldn’t print it, so let’s go with an alternate, a really good mocha java ice cream. My absolute favorite is Lappert’s, which is located in Hawaii. Second best (that I’ve found) is Haagen Daaz here on the mainland.
Two secret vices: Dark chocolate. I admit it, I’m a chocoholic. Another secret vice would be a trip to Starbucks. I had never even been in one until a couple of years ago, so I guess I’m making up for lost time. And although I don’t like coffee, I love their Cafe Mocha. Are you seeing a pattern here? Add enough chocolate and sugar and I’m yours.
One pet peeve: “Whatever.” That word drives me crazy because it typically implies someone just giving up. I do, however, have a protagonist who uses it a few times in LICENSE TO LIE. It was difficult for me to use that word, but as my character said right after she used it, “It fits.”

Bio/Published works/Links:
Terry Ambrose started out skip tracing and collecting money from deadbeats and quickly learned that liars come from all walks of life. He never actually stole a car, but sometimes hired big guys with tow trucks and a penchant for working in the dark when “negotiations” failed.
A resident of Southern California, he loves spending time in Hawaii, especially on the Garden Island of Kauai, where he invents lies for others to read.
PHOTO FINISH—Hawaii, mystery, and trouble almost too hot to handle. Available at and other download locations.
LICENSE TO LIE—Never trust a soul…even your own. Coming from Oak Tree Press in December 2012.
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Anonymous said...

Chocolate, beaches, mystery and murder! Terry Ambrose is a guy after my own heart . . . wait, he doesn't like coffee? What the? I've never heard of such a thing. Try to forgive him and make sure you read Photo Finish (perfect winter read!).(Aloha, Terry! Mahalo for letting Jaswinder share your spotlight!)

Terry Ambrose said...

You're welcome Dee! Thanks for stopping by on my little beach. :-)

marja said...

Ah, a kindred spirit. My life sometimes revolves around chocolate. Wonderful post, and I enjoyed learning a little more about you.
Marja McGraw