Friday, March 8, 2013

Beach Chat with MITZI KELLY

You are in for a treat today.  Once again I have an Amazon Cozy Bestselling Author stopping by for a Beach Chat.  Today’s guest also got her first start with Avalon Books (just like me) which means her books were  bought out last summer by Amazon (just like me), and now her books are available on the Kindle platforms (just like me.)  When The Blond Leading the Blond was first contracted with Avalon, I immediately went to their website and purchased two mysteries so that I could get a sense of quality of the books. The cover that snagged my sense of mystery whimsy was Mitzi Kelly’s Classic Revenge, A Sliver Sleuths Mystery.    Seasoned-citizens Edna, Trish and Millie took me on a great caper, and I’ve been a fan of Mitzi’s ever since.  So without further ado, let’s get chatting with cozy mystery writer Mitzi Kelly.   

Most cherished beach memory: This happened a few years ago and I still laugh about it.  My husband and I spend quite a bit of time in Port Aransas, Texas, a wonderful little beach town.  One night, when the weather was cool and there weren't many beach-goers around, we decided we wanted to spend the night on the beach and watch a scary movie.  I had a SUV with plenty of room and a DVD player, so we bought one of those big blow-up mattresses, tons of snacks and drinks, and the new release of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Boy, were we adventurous.  It took us over an hour to blow up the mattress, going from one convenience store to the other using the air machines, and probably spending close to $50 bucks in quarters.  But we were determined!  We made it to the beach around midnight.  It was an overcast night and the beach was practically deserted.  We parked the car close to the water, jumped in the back with our pillows and snacks and settled down to watch the movie.  I downed a couple of chocolate cupcakes while the previews were showing and I was feeling pretty independent and brave.  That's when the music started for Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I swallowed loud enough to drown out the music, buried my head under the pillow and told my husband I wanted to leave. I still haven't lived it down . . . 
Recommend a Beach Read: Any of Sue Grafton's alphabet mysteries with private investigator Kinsey Millhone.  What a gifted writer!  Sue Grafton weaves very interesting and entertaining stories with an incredible ability to make the reader feel a part of the story with 'skin in the game.'  Her series is so much fun.  

One author to sip Mai Tais with: Definitely James Patterson.  "How do he do it?"  I mean, really, the man puts out a book at the rate of one per week!!!  

Worst non-writing job: I used to work with my husband in his construction business.  He had landed a huge contract in painting interior apartments when the residents moved out.  The turnover was so great, we were having trouble keeping up.  For a solid year we did nothing but paint, during all hours of the day.  One particular busy month, we worked from 7am until 11pm, and I swore never again!! However, I really am a good painter and I feel confident I could land job in commercial painting if I had to.   

Favorite quote:  The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible!  

Song To Dance To: “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf.  Oh, yeah . . .   

Three favorite things:  Lazy afternoons spent with my husband and my dogs, camping, and Chardonnay!

Two secret vices:  Fried foods and Christmas eggnog.  It's a constant battle for me ...!  

One Pet peeve: Speed limits! :)  

More about Mitzi:
          I grew up in El Paso, Texas and then moved to San Antonio, Texas where I met my husband of 30 years.  We have one amazing son and five very spoiled dogs.  During most of my adult life, I’ve worked in business offices advancing from office manager to contract bookkeeping.  But my dream of becoming a writer has always been with me even though life kept me from pursuing it seriously until a few years ago.  I started my writing career doing feature articles for magazines.  It didn’t take me long to realize that was not what I wanted to do, though.  I love fiction—the whole process of creating characters and scenarios, so I finally bit the bullet and started ‘creating.’     Available now from Amazon:

Learn more about Mitzi’s life and writings by visiting her website,


Sandy Cody said...

A fun interview. Jayne and Mitzi, you're both quite a bit (but not just) like me. I'm also anAvalon/Amazon/cozy mystery writer. Mitzi, I love the idea of your silver sleuths, have had them on my TBR list for a long time. Hope to get to them soon. Good luck to you both.

Mitzi Kelly said...

Thank you, Sandy! I appreciate your kind words. Jayne did a great job on the interview. It's always fun to hear from a fellow Avalon/Amazon author. I regret to say I haven't had much time to read, either. As soon as I've finished the third book in the Silver Sleuths series, I plan to change that, though! I wish you all the best, and thanks again for taking the time to comment.

Sydell Voeller said...

A really fun interview, Mitzi! I love your spirit of adventure--even if you ended changing your mind. I would have to!

Mitzi Kelly said...

Thank you, Sydell! I swear one of these days I'm going to try the scary movie - beach thing again. That is, if I can convince my husband I'll actually do it. It's great to hear from another fellow author and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. All my best ~

Jayne... said...

Good to see you Sandy and Sydell! I always enjoy my beach chat, especially worst non-writing jobs ever. Makes me feel pretty lucky!

Mitzi, glad to hear there is another Silver Sleuths on the way!

Beate Boeker said...

Really had to laugh about the beach experience, Mitzi! I just love the bathtub-cover of your novel and hope that your e-books are selling well.

Mitzi Kelly said...

Thank you, Beate! I'm so glad you liked the cover. Don't know how sales are going yet, but I'm thrilled the books are in e-book format. I hope you are doing well, too! Thanks for the comments!