Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I interrupt the regularly schedule blog post to bring you this exciting announcement….

As many of you know I have a LOT of writer friends who have made a small fortune publishing their own work in the electronic-book-o-sphere.  It’s known as Indie- or Self-publishing.  Well, I have decided to test the waters of the Indie-pond and have written a novella (which is about 25,000-words, or 1/3 the length of a traditional novel.)  I have woven a tight story of mystery.  I have run the story through the gamut of critique partners and a professional editor.  And I have hired cover artist extraordinare San over at  Custom Covers <<http://www.coverkicks.com/>> and she created a gorgeous cover with my name on the front!  I love it, and I hope you will, too.  The plan is to upload to the Kindle platform so it will be available for purchase on March 27.  

But now, without further ado, I give you the Cover and the Tease for my soon to be released ebook, BEHIND THE BLUE DOOR:  230 Periwinkle Place…..

Can you have a future if you can’t remember the past?

When Skye Crenshaw Whitmore is shown a picture of a house with a blue door, she recalls living there as a young girl.  At first the memories are of the warm and fuzzy variety; little moments spent gardening or reading with her mother.  Upon learning that the house on Periwinkle Lane is where her mother died, darker memories bubble to the surface but fail to assemble into a complete picture.  With more questions than answers, she sets off to find out what exactly happened in that house thirty years ago. 

Skye soon learns that old memories never die, they just wait…Behind the Blue Door.  (Available March 27, 2013 for your Kindle and other supported devices.)


Natalie-Nicole Bates said...

Congratulations, Jayne! The cover is beautiful and I can't wait to get a copy!

Anonymous said...

Love the cover!

Rhonda Hopkins said...

Awesome cover, Jayne! Sounds like a great book. I wish you much success in your indie journey. :-)