Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's the annual Malice Domestic conference in Bethesda Maryland this weekend, and I'm heading that way.  First time for me, but I've been envious of friends and fellow writers who have been heading that way for years.  It's a conference dedicated to the COZY Mystery, which you know is exactly my cup of tea.  I am SOOOO excited!

AND....(drum roll please...) I'm moderating a workshop:  "Tales with Tails--Mysteries Involving Animals"  The famous authors are Sparkle Abbey (a writing team of Anita Carter and Mary Lee Woods), Jessie Chandler, Waverly Curtis and Laura Morrigan.  So if you are at the conference please join us at 11:45 a.m!

But this trip has also had me thinking of my writing career, where it's been (languishing), where it is (improving) and where I want it to go (can you say "NYTBS List, baby"? ha ha ha)  And part of those thoughts had me thinking about this blog.  It started out with some really great posts about beach life.  Not sure when I got away from that, but my plan is to get back to it, talking about all things beachy, to include books that are great to read while relaxing on the sand.  

An example of my blog's "roots" is "Beach Bling--Beach Wagons" and can be found here

So with beach season just around the corner, get ready for more Life's a Beach blog posts!

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