Friday, January 29, 2016

Book Signing Event at Royal Chocolate

What better way to shake off the Winter Blues than by curling up with a good book and a box of chocolates?  On Saturday, February 27 from 3 to 6 p.m., the authors of By the Bay: East Beach Stories will be gathering at Royal Chocolate, 164 Central Park (VBch Town Center) in Virginia Beach to sign copies of their book.  And while there, you can sample your way through some of the most delicious chocolates ever!  Take a box, and a book, home for the weekend!

To sweeten the tempting offer, here is an excerpt from my story, "Secrets."

The biggest secret of my life was on the eleven o’clock news. Local investigative reporter Chuck Northwood had shown up on my front porch early this morning, tapping out an SOS on my doorbell. I’d answered the urgent summons and had been met with lights flashing and cameras rolling.

“Stella Gardner,” he’d said, shoving a microphone in my face, “is it true, that you’re the biological mother of Governor-Elect Richard Talbot?”
I’d slammed the door, then collapsed on the floor until Chuck and his crew gave up and left. This can’t be happening, I thought. Not after all these years.
I’d hoped my lack of response had made it a non-story for ol’ Chuck.
But no such luck.
Now my face, without a speck of make-up, was pixelated across my 70-inch Toshiba. I really must get my eyes done again, I thought.
No doubt many of my East Beach neighbors were watching it, too. How long before my doorbell rang again?
One click of the remote and Chuck faded to black.
Ding went my phone, indicating an incoming text.
So many happy dings it sounded like I was in the Bellagio Casino.
I couldn’t take any more. I tossed my cell phone in the freezer and slammed the door shut.
I’d managed to keep the details of what had happened fifty-one years ago a secret. A secret I’d planned to take with me to the grave. How had Chuck Northwood, of all people, uncovered it?

A little more about By the Bay: East Beach Stories:
By the Bay, East Beach Stories is a collection of twelve fictional tales about life along the Chesapeake Bay. They range from murderous to romantic, from humorous to dramatic, from gritty noir to political thriller to the sweet and the spiritual. The thread that ties them together is their connection to a 100-acre peninsula in Norfolk, Virginia. East Beach is nestled on the shores of the southernmost point of the Chesapeake Bay. Written by members of the East Beach Writers Guild, these tales exhibit the writers’ love of their neighborhood and their talent for story-telling. All proceeds from the sales of these books will be disbursed to reading-related non-profits in the Norfolk, VA area.

Click HERE to by your copy of the collection.

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