Friday, March 10, 2017

JUST BEACH-Y an Interview with Douglas Lutz

It’s Friday, so you know what’s coming...another soft-hitting interview with a 50 Shades of Cabernet contributing author.  Douglas Lutz’s story, “Wyld Women and Wine” is set on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  So if you are looking for a virtual vacation, I suggest you read this one first. BTW, have I mentioned the book releases on March 20, 2017?  Pre-orders can be placed now to ensure you get your copy hot off the press.  But until that arrives, let’s get to know Douglas a bit better.

Q.  What kind of stories do you write?
A.  I write culinary mysteries and thrillers of all flavors.

Q.  What is your writing routine?
A.  With a full time job, a wife who is on call 24-7 with her job, and two dogs and two cats, I can only write one hour a day. This usually begins at 5:30 AM and is inevitably at a Starbucks.

Q.  Do you use real or fictional settings in your stories?
A.  Yes. My short story “Wyld Women and Wine” is set in the real-life Cape Charles, Virginia. For my Winnie Kepler Culinary Detective Series, I use Seaview, Virginia. This is an unincorporated area on the Eastern Shore, yet the scenes will be strangely reminiscent of Cape Charles.

Q.  Have you ever written a beach scene?
A.  In my short story in 50 Shades of Cabernet, the girls plan to go to the beach, but they decide to solve the mystery first. No beach scenes in my first two Winnie Kelper novels, but I anticipate a beach wedding in number three (being written during Nanowrimo 2017.) Just not sure who is marrying who yet. Now that's a mystery!

Q.  Suggest a snack that pairs nicely with your latest release:
A.  I have just stopped by Gull Hummock, the gourmet wine and food shop in Cape Charles, to obtain a few gifts for the 50 Shades of Cabernet Facebook Party. You can't go wrong with their homemade gourmet pretzel bark. You get the sweet, the salty, and the crunch. Perfect with any full red wine. A Cab, perhaps?

Q.  Suggest a wine that pairs well with a seaside sunset.
A.  From the Eastern Shore, you simply must try Chatham Vineyard's Church Creek Cab Franc. For something a little lighter, from the Shenandoah Mountains you can try Cross Keys Vineyard's Joy Red. It is our go-to table red at home.

Q.  Favorite meal when visiting a beach location.
A.  I prefer low-maintenance meals when away from the kitchen. For the beach, I am perfectly happy with chips, salsa, and a good homemade guacamole.

Q.  Favorite beach activity.
A.  People-watching. There are so many novels just waiting to be written there.

Q.  Favorite song to shag dance?
A.  Anything that pairs well with two left feet.

Q.  Last time you wore flip flops?
A.  I don't have flip flops, but I do wear sandals to yoga. Does that count?

More about Douglas:
Douglas Lutz writes culinary mysteries and thrillers when not crunching numbers for a large financial management company. He is in the Koehler Books emerging authors program and is a member of the Mystery Writers of America. A former line-cook at one of the largest honkytonk bars in America, Douglas is the chef serving up the Winnie Kepler, Culinary Detective mystery series. Douglas Lutz lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with his wife, two dogs, and two cats. 

Follow Douglas at, on Facebook @authorDJLutz, and on Twitter @authorDJLutz.

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