Friday, March 3, 2017

JUST BEACH-Y An Interview with Ken Wingate

We're back with another 50 Shades of Cabernet author today, Ken Wingate, as he shares a little about his writing life and his beach life.  His story in the anthology is "Friday's Jewelry". Have I mentioned that the release date is March 20, 2017?  Be sure and mark your calendars.  But until then, let's get to know a little more about Ken.  

Q. What kind of stories do you write?
A.  Life Non-Fiction, Mystery Fiction, and Action/Thriller Fiction

Q.  What is your writing routine?
A.  My first draft is always totally completed in my head. I have to know the story from start to finish in my head. It has to amuse and entertain me in thought before I sit down and draw up my first typed draft. I will then type my first draft and from there refine it.

Q.  Do you use real or fictional settings in your stories?
A.  I primarily use real settings, but on a couple of occasions, I have used fictional.

Q.  Have you ever written a beach scene?
A.  I am presently working on a manuscript where the whole story unfolds down at the waterfront area of Virginia Beach, VA. It is an action/thriller about an international assassin.

Q.  Suggest a snack that pairs nicely with your latest release.
A.  Lindor milk chocolate truffles

Q.  Suggest a wine that pairs nicely with a seaside sunset.
A.  The Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon

Q.  Favorite meal when visiting a beach location.
A.  Shrimp

Q.  Favorite beach activity (reminder this is a G-rated blog)
A.  Watching the sun or moon rise (on the east coast). Watching the sun or moon set (on the west coast).

Q.  Favorite song to Shag Dance to (if only in your mind…)
A.   Sorry, I don't shag dance. But the early Beach Boys are still my favorite beach music.

Q.  Last time you wore flip flops.
A.  It's been a long time.

More about Ken: 
"Through the years I have written many songs, poems, reflections, and short stories. I have had the privilege of sharing them in performances, recordings, and messages. I am grateful whenever I receive word as to how they have touched lives. Writing has always been my greatest passion, and my desire to use it to impact, inspire, and entertain has been my heartfelt motivation."

Publication credits:
     Virginia is for Mysteries II - "Within This Circle"
     50 Shades of Cabernet - "Friday's Jewelry"

Connect with Ken:

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