Friday, March 17, 2017


Despite the unseasonably frigid temperatures this St. Paddy's Day, we're back at the beach, this time talking to mystery writer Teresa Inge. You've met her before, as she and I have been in the Virginia is for Mysteries anthologies together.  But today, in conjunction with our new 50 Shades of Cabernet anthology, we're talking about wine as well as the beach.

Q. What kind of stories do you write?
A. Short stories with a strong female protagonist who always owns a small business. This way, she can move around to solve the crime and not be straddled to a desk job. My recent story “Love the Wine You’re With,” Jules Riley owns an event planning business and is always on the go.

Q. What is your writing routine?
A. Since I work full time and have a family, I write during lunch, evenings, and weekends.

Q. Do you use real or fictional settings in your stories?
A. My stories take place in Virginia Beach or the Outerbanks. I love beach settings and so do my readers.

Q. Have you ever written a beach scene?
A. All the time! My protagonist usually lives near the beach so she can solve the crime.

Q. Suggest a snack that pairs nicely with your latest release.
A. Wine and more wine.

Q. Suggest a wine that pairs nicely with a seaside sunset.
A. Williamsburg Winery, Adagio, Cabernet Franc. It’s soft, smooth and approachable. 

Q. Favorite meal when visiting a beach location.
A. Something light.

Q. Favorite beach activity.
A. Reading a good book and soaking up the sun.

Q. Favorite song to Shag Dance to (if only in your mind…)
A. “I Love Beach Music” by the Embers. Best shag song ever.

Q. Last time you wore flip flops.
A. November 2016. I love flip flops.

More about Teresa:
Teresa Inge grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries. Today, she doesn’t carry a rod like her idol, but she hot rods. She assists two busy executives and is president of the Sisters in Crime Mysteries by the Sea chapter. Teresa is the author of “Corked for Murder” in Virginia is for Mysteries Volume II, “Shopping for Murder,” and “Guide to Murder” in Virginia is for Mysteries, “Fishing for Murder” in the FishNets anthology and has coordinated several anthologies. Visit Teresa on Facebook, Twitter, and  


Rose Shomaker said...

Teresa Inge's stories place you directly in the plot's situational predicament. When I read them, I feel I am there with the characters. Teresa's dialog captures underlying emotions well.

Teresa Inge said...

Thank you, Rosie!! I love writing dialogue between characters and doing research.