Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Grab a hat and join me in celebrating the birth of another story! A bouncing baby cozy weighing in at approximately 25,000 words (so a "novella", not a full-length novel.) I've been working on this for about two years , and am really happy with how it all turned out. They say "write what you know" so I set the story in a cute little pink house on my street, only moved it to a different neighborhood where it is surrounded by abandoned homes. Isolation in a beach setting is critical to the plot. 

Here's a little bit about the book:

Sydney Taveras is reinventing herself after a messy divorce. Based on Internet pictures alone, she rents a pink cottage on by the Chesapeake Bay. Before the healing process begins, she is drawn into a decades-old mystery when her new neighbor admits to having killed a man. The question is who did she kill? And perhaps more importantly, where did she hide the body?

Here's the wonderful cover (thanks to San Coils at coverkicks.com)

Here's how you can buy a copy:  

Available as an e-book on Amazon. (If you don't have a kindle, you can download a free KINDLE READER app that allows you to read on any phone or computer).

Available soon in print as part of a collection of stories in Goin' Coastal.  (More information on that coming soon!) 

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Amy said...

Just finished it. Loved it! Will post a review saying same.