Friday, February 24, 2012

Beach Chat with Holly Jacobs

Beach chat:  15 questions answered by an author.  Go! 
Name: Holly Jacobs
  Best beach memory:   Sunrise on a Southampton, Ontario Beach...  I was the only person out and about.  The gulls were starting to stir and I had a loaf of bread to feed them.  The moon was setting just beyond the lighthouse across the water.  The coffee was hot.  Life was way beyond good!

One guilty pleasure: Blue Moon Ice Cream!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beach Read: EVERYTHING BUT A GROOM by Holly Jacobs

The first chick-lit book I ever read was by Holly Jacobs, in the now defunct Harlequin Duets line.  It was then I realized there was a market for the humorous romance.  It was the biggest “Ah HA!” moment of my writing career.  So when I discovered that Holly also wrote for Avalon Books, a little thrill ran up my spine because we shared the same publisher! And she’s still writing for Avalon (as well as Harlequin).  When I found this out, I wanted to read her latest release.  But alas, it’s 5th in a series, and being the type of person I am, I have to start reading a series with the first book.  While today’s Beach Read was published in 2007, it’s aged well and still is the perfect book to take along on your next beach outing.  And in another totally thrilling, pinch-me-cuz-I-think-I’m-dreaming moment, Holly has agreed to stop by for a  Beach Chat on Friday!  You’ll want to be sure and check back to see what her worst non-writing job ever was!  But today, let’s get on with the book review. 

Book Title: Everything But a Groom
Author:  Holly Jacobs
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Setting:  Erie, PA
Format:  Hardcover
Pages:  186
Publication date:  Dec, 2007
Publisher:  Avalon Books
Opening Line: Vancy Bashalde was the most beautiful woman in the small town of Erdely, Hungary. 
Favorite Passage:  “Uncle Matt was kissin’ Vancy’s boo-boo but his lips slipped from her nose to her mouth.”  (spoken by a pre-school aged boy, but I’m sure you figured that out.)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Winner Announced

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Beach Tale post to announce the winner of a copy of Chrystle Fielder's debut cozy mystery, Death Drops:  A Natural Remedies Mystery published by Gallery Books/Simon and Shuster.    Drum roll please.....

And the winner is Charlotte McCaw! 

Charlotte, please send your snail mail address to jo(at)jayneormerod(dot)com and I'll get that book in the mail to you.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by and left a comment.

And special thanks to Chrystle Fielder for the giveaway.  Wishing you much success with your Natural Remedies series.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Beach Chat with Chrystle Fiedler

Beach chat:  15 questions answered by an author.  Go! 
Name: Chrystle Fiedler
  Favorite beach memory: The East End of Long Island is surrounded by water so there are beaches galore! I started going to the beach before I could walk and my love of the water continues to this day. My best beach memory has to be going to the Sound with my mom and dad and sister Val and my dog Snipsi, a dachshund. We would bring lunch and a grill and food to cook for dinner and snacks (of course!) so we could stay all day. It was absolutely wonderful to lie on a blanket and read and eat goldfish crackers and potato chips. The days seemed endless. These are some of my best childhood memories.
One guilty pleasure: Chocolate and reality shows like Survivor and Project Runway.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beach Read: HEAT RISES by Richard Castle

If you’re not familiar with the ABC show Castle then this book might not mean much to you.  But along the lines of the Murder, She Wrote series, author Richard Castle is a thriller writer on the TV show. On the show, his latest bestseller is based on a New York cop named Nikki Heat, which is based on the “real” New York Cop in the fictional show by the name of Kate Becket.  So all the characters in the book are based on the characters in the TV show, and it’s kind of mind-warping, in a parallel-universe sort of way. 

Book Title: Heat Rises (Nikki Heat Series #3)
Author:  Richard Castle
Genre:  Mystery
Setting:  New York City
Format:  Hardcover
Pages:  301
Publication date:  September, 2011
Publisher:  Hyperion New York
Opening Line: The Thing about New York City is you never know what’s behind a door. 
Favorite Passage:  There were no feet under the stalls in the gents’.  Rook hurried to his business, achieving blessed relief as he read the sampler hung above the urinal:  “ ‘ Write drunk; edit sober.’—Ernest Hemingway.”

Monday, February 13, 2012

Beach Tale: "Three Little Words" a short romantic story just in time for Valentine's Day

          <<Caveat:  This story was cross-posted on the Avalon Authors blog at the beginning of the month.  It's too timely not to share here, too.>>

Carole wasted no time in placing her order.  “I’d like a piece of Triple-Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake, please,” she said.  “Wait…on second thought…make that a double.”
          After the waiter bowed and left, Carole glanced at the handsome man seated across the table from her.  “What?” she asked.
          “Wouldn’t you rather start with something more traditional?” Brad asked.  “I can recommend the shrimp puffs with garlic-herb aioli for dipping.  Or the Buffalo Chicken Dip.  It’ll really put some hair on your chest.”  He smiled his smile that, under normal circumstances, melted Carole’s heart. 
          “Chocolate first, then we’ll worry about nourishment.”  Carole lifted the linen napkin from the table and spread it across her lap. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Beach Chat with Ann Yost

Beach Chat—15 rapid-fire questions asked of a writer.

Name:  Ann Yost—and first, I’d like to thank Jayne Ormerod for letting me visit her delightful beach blog.  Thank you, Jayne!  Now for the questions.

  Best beach memory:  Several years ago hubby rented an upside down house on Fenwick Island in Delaware for our anniversary.  All of my known relatives (12) were present for at least part of the week.  One of our cars broke down on the way and we had to buy a $700 clunker from a dishonest mechanic just to get there and mid-way through the week I got to experience my very first urinary tract infection.  Even so, it was great.  We saw dolphins!

One guilty pleasure: Watching political pundits on MSNBC.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beach Read: "The Earl That I Marry" by Ann Yost

Maybe it’s because I have no desire to ever write a regency romance that allows me to read this genre for pure unadulterated enjoyment-- and without that evil green-eyed monster named Jealousy sitting on my shoulder, but I do love a good regency, and Ann Yost has penned a delightful tale.  And a head’s up, if you want to know more about the author, come back on Friday for Beach Chat where Ann will stop by for a tittle-tattle . 

Book Title: The Earl That I Marry
Author:  Ann Yost
Genre:  Historical Romance
Setting:  An English manor house
Format:  enovella
Publication date:  November 2011
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press
Opening Line: “Devil take it.  Not again.” 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Beach Tale: Your Own Personal "Fantasy Island"

Remember the show with Mr. Rourke (played by Ricardo Montalbán) and Tattoo (played by Hervé Villechaize)? I can hear it now, “De plane!  De plane!” That announced the arrival of another guest to their Pacific Island where for a mere $50,000 (about $185,000 in 2012 dollars) the guest’s wildest fantasy would come true.  I’m not talking sexual fantasy here.  No, this TV after all, and back when the sensors were really strict.  This show was more about finding a lost love or being a big game hunter or being the MVP in the Super Bowl or something.
Of course it was called “Fantasy Island” for a reason.  Not because fantasies were being lived out, but because the entire premise was a fantasy. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Beach Chat: Patricia Yager Delagrange

Beach Chat—15 rapid-fire questions asked of a writer.

Name:  Patricia Yager Delagrange

Book you are reading right now:  Home for Christmas by Thomas Kinkaide

Preference, print or ebook:  Print

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beach Read: "Remaindered" by Lee Goldberg

Quick read day—a short mystery that preys on the fears of all writers—that of being a one-book wonder. 

Story Title:  “Remaindered”  A Top Suspense Short Story
Author:  Lee Goldberg
Genre:  Mystery
Setting: Spokane, WA
Format:  Free e-download
Pages:  16
Publication date:  Jun, 2011
Publisher:  Top Suspense Books
Opening Line:  The voice of a new generation sat the end of aisle 14, where the housewares department ended and the book section began.