Friday, January 31, 2014

Beach Chat with Heather Baker Weidner

The cool thing about being associated with an anthology, is that you work with the
other authors to make the project work.  I love meeting new authors, and today’s chatty girl is no exception.  Her story in Virginia is for Mysteries is “Washed Up” which is set along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in an area called Chic’s Beach.  So pull up your beach chair as we dip our toes in the sand and chat. 

Today we’re chatting with: Heather Baker Weidner

Most cherished beach memory: I that I grew up in Virginia Beach. The beach was just part of life. I went to Kempsville High School, hung out at Milton's Pizza and Chic's Beach, and went to Virginia Wesleyan College. I had a great childhood. My dad was a police officer for over forty-two years, and I grew up with all of the stories from VBPD's finest.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Beach Writers: January Starter Sentence

If it weren't for Starter Sentences, I'd have no sentences at all!  So at least I'm writing a little something every month.  This was written while I sat without Internet access at a car repair place...they didn't have the part on hand so had to send out for  it and so 2-1/2 hours later I had a working vehicle AND a short story, of sorts.  Enjoy!

          “The forecast calls for snow…”
I hit the power button on the remote control, effectively muting meteorologist Don Slater before he could give me any more bad news.  It seemed Mother Nature wasn’t on my side for the biggest day of my little life.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Beach Chat with Linda Thornburg

Have you heard that Virginia is for Mysteries is a collection of 17 short stories set
throughout Virginia?  Of course you have.  I’ve been talking about it for over a year.  It’s a collaborative effort of 14 authors.  Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Linda Thornburg, who penned the story “Obsession” for the anthology.  It’s set in Nelson County, at Elk Hill, an historic tobacco farm on Route 151.  You’ll want to read the story, but first, let’s learn more about the author. 

Today we’re chatting with:  Linda Thornburg

 Most cherished beach memory: Walking on Virginia’s Sandbridge Beach with my friend Rowena, who was kind enough to invite me to her trailer with the million-dollar view of Back Bay many years running.