Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beach Music

Casa de Ormerod got a new toy last week...the new SONOS wireless sound system.  This in turn exposed us to PANDORA!  I imagine all of you are way ahead of me on this music phenomenon but as usual when it comes to new technology we are the last ones on the bus. But I just gotta say the expansive playlist offered by Pandora is a pleasant relief from the 65 (give or take) tunes that hubby's i-pod played on a never-ending loop. Now I type in a song I like and a whole line-up of similar songs fills the airwaves.  Yesterday an old Beatles tune came on that I have a particular fondness for (I used to play it to summon forth the writing muses...now I just eat chocolate...) and an idea hit me, so I re-worked it just a bit.  So with apologies to the Fab Four, here's my spin on an old classic.  Sung to the tune of "Paperback Writer"

Title: “I’m a Beach Writer”

Dear cozy reader, will you read my book? 
It took me years to write, will you take a look?
It's based on a murder along the shore 
And I need a sale so that I can say, “I’m a beach writer.” 
“I’m a beach writer.”