Monday, December 30, 2013

Beach Read: "Best Friends Help you Move the Body"

Well, patient readers, it's finally here!  Virginia is for Mysteries" has finally been printed!  I know, because I have 84 copies sitting here in my office.  But the public release date is January 2, 2014, in both trade paperback and e-versions.

This volume of 17 short mysteries sent throughout the state of Virginia is a great collection of stories.  Here's what advanced readers are saying:  "Virginia is for lovers...except when it's for killers crooks, and criminals."  ~ Mary Miley, author of The Impersonator

This anthology includes a short story penned by moi, titled, "Best Friends Help you Move the Body."  So here is the opening chapter, to get you intersted.  Then use the links posted on the side bar to purchase a copy of your very own to read what happens!   

“The Cape Henry Lighthouse silently guards the entryway into the Chesapeake Bay. Standing near the ‘First Landing’ site of the Jamestown settlers where in 1607 Captain Newport raised a cross to offer thanks for their safe crossing of the Atlantic, the Lighthouse has stood sentinel since it was completed in 1792.”
~ Preservation Virginia

“I could kill Stella Edwards by pushing her down these stairs.” Courtney Danvers’ voice echoed down to me from her position above. She was about a dozen feet higher on the iron steps circling around the inside of the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse in Virginia Beach.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beach Fun: December Starter Sentence

<<'Tis the season!  And to get us in the mood my Writer's Guild started us off with "The tree we bought smelled great..." Oh what fun I had with this one!  Feel free to take pen in hand or fingers to keyboard and try it yourself!>>

The tree we bought smelled great.  Too bad I couldn’t say the same for whatever Mom was cooking in the oven.  She was practicing her “something red” dish for our upcoming holiday meal.  Unfortunately for us over the past year she’d discovered PINTEREST and thus had been, quote, “inspired” to try lots of new foods.