Monday, March 27, 2017


     Way back when I was a young girl, my parent’s would park us in front of the TV on Saturday morning and toss us a box of Cap’n Crunch or Fruit Loops cereal (both great for leaving a “trail of crumbs” a lá Hansel and Gretel.)  Mom and Dad would then slink off to the kitchen where they could enjoy a morning of peace and quite with their coffee and paper.  I know your first thought is quite possibly, “Why didn’t anyone call Child Protective Services?” But let me explain that 1) the cereal was fortified with 14 vitamins and minerals (I think) and 2) there were some teaching moments on Saturday Morning TV back in the day.  Like Aesop’s Fables.  I can almost hear the music now as a cartoon fairy flies onto the screen and opens a voluminous book of Fables, and I would watch with rapt attention as I learned my moral lesson.  You might remember the classics such as “The Tortoise and the Hare” or “The Ant and the Grasshopper” or “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” or “The Fox and the Grapes” (from whence we get the phrase “Sour Grapes.)  Classics, all. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

BEACH WRITING: Writerly Advice from Jayne

As I learn more about the craft of writing, I'm happy to share with anyone willing to listen.  I've given a few workshops, and written a slew of articles, and often talked the ear of anyone who asks a simple question about the writing life.  The things I've formalized are sitting in a bin under my desk, where it is dark and they are not seen by anyone.  The purpose of writing is, of course, to share with the world.  After much thought I decided I'm going to start sharing these musings more freely, hence the new "Writer-ly Advice" tab on this blog.  My first post is up...BEACH SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER...TIME TO GET (YOUR NOVEL) IN SHAPE. You can read it by clicking here
     Write on, my friends! 

Friday, March 17, 2017


Despite the unseasonably frigid temperatures this St. Paddy's Day, we're back at the beach, this time talking to mystery writer Teresa Inge. You've met her before, as she and I have been in the Virginia is for Mysteries anthologies together.  But today, in conjunction with our new 50 Shades of Cabernet anthology, we're talking about wine as well as the beach.

Q. What kind of stories do you write?
A. Short stories with a strong female protagonist who always owns a small business. This way, she can move around to solve the crime and not be straddled to a desk job. My recent story “Love the Wine You’re With,” Jules Riley owns an event planning business and is always on the go.

Q. What is your writing routine?
A. Since I work full time and have a family, I write during lunch, evenings, and weekends.

Friday, March 10, 2017

JUST BEACH-Y an Interview with Douglas Lutz

It’s Friday, so you know what’s coming...another soft-hitting interview with a 50 Shades of Cabernet contributing author.  Douglas Lutz’s story, “Wyld Women and Wine” is set on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  So if you are looking for a virtual vacation, I suggest you read this one first. BTW, have I mentioned the book releases on March 20, 2017?  Pre-orders can be placed now to ensure you get your copy hot off the press.  But until that arrives, let’s get to know Douglas a bit better.

Q.  What kind of stories do you write?
A.  I write culinary mysteries and thrillers of all flavors.

Q.  What is your writing routine?
A.  With a full time job, a wife who is on call 24-7 with her job, and two dogs and two cats, I can only write one hour a day. This usually begins at 5:30 AM and is inevitably at a Starbucks.

Q.  Do you use real or fictional settings in your stories?
A.  Yes. My short story “Wyld Women and Wine” is set in the real-life Cape Charles, Virginia. For my Winnie Kepler Culinary Detective Series, I use Seaview, Virginia. This is an unincorporated area on the Eastern Shore, yet the scenes will be strangely reminiscent of Cape Charles.

Monday, March 6, 2017


It is possible that you have been hiding under a rock.  That is the ONLY excuse for not knowing that 50 Shades of Cabernet is being released on March 20, 2017.  This new anthology combines my two favorite things, mystery and wine! It's a collection of 17 stories, some by award winning authors.  I'm honored to be in their company with my short mystery titled "Life is a Cabernet." It's set at a Mahjongg convention, so this story combines THREE of my favorite things!   Here is an excerpt:

“Okay gals.  Time to wash the tiles,” Daisy called out in a singsong voice. She was our instructor for this afternoon’s Novice Mahjongg class, part of the first annual Mahjongg Maniacs Convention held in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Daisy was a character if I ever saw one, with a mop of unruly blond hair (I wish my own could be one tenth so voluminous!) and dressed from head to toe in mahjongg couture. From earrings to bracelets to Keds painted with Chinese characters, her passion for the game was obvious.  But what really cracked me up was her T-shirt, which read, If you think sex is better than mahjongg, you’re playing it wrong.
“Wash ’em good now,” she sang.
By “wash the tiles” she didn’t mean take them to the sink and give them a good Ivory-soap scrub.  Washing the tiles in mahjongg lingo means to turn them face down and scramble them around on the table. It’s the equivalent of shuffling a deck of cards. And so far, that’s the only part of the game I understood.
“Because of the sound the tiles make when hitting each other,” our instructor said, “some groups call it ‘Chirping the birds.’”
The tiles resembled thick dominos, and when knocked together sounded more like a click than a chirp to me, but I am no expert on bird sounds.
My best friend Charlie leaned towards me. “Having fun yet, Randa?

Friday, March 3, 2017

JUST BEACH-Y An Interview with Ken Wingate

We're back with another 50 Shades of Cabernet author today, Ken Wingate, as he shares a little about his writing life and his beach life.  His story in the anthology is "Friday's Jewelry". Have I mentioned that the release date is March 20, 2017?  Be sure and mark your calendars.  But until then, let's get to know a little more about Ken.  

Q. What kind of stories do you write?
A.  Life Non-Fiction, Mystery Fiction, and Action/Thriller Fiction

Q.  What is your writing routine?
A.  My first draft is always totally completed in my head. I have to know the story from start to finish in my head. It has to amuse and entertain me in thought before I sit down and draw up my first typed draft. I will then type my first draft and from there refine it.

Q.  Do you use real or fictional settings in your stories?
A.  I primarily use real settings, but on a couple of occasions, I have used fictional.