Monday, June 16, 2014

Beach News!!!! Cover Reveal....

Been working with San Coils over at Cover Kicks and she took my sister's concept for the cover and turned it into this fabulous creation!  The book is in the final edits (one final reader noticed a very tiny story quirk so I will work that out today...).  But if you're ready, we'll get a drum roll going....and...TA DA....

Here's the book blurb:  

Ellery and Sam are back on the beat!

With 31,536,000 seconds in a year, what are the odds that the one minute Ellery Tinsdale and Samantha “Sam” Greene choose to break into the confidential files at the Braddocks Beach Church of Divine Spiritual Enlightenment would be the same minute Reverend John Thomas Hammersmith is brutally murdered while eating lunch at his desk?  But that’s the kind of bad luck Ellery experiences since moving to the small lakeside resort founded by her distant relatives.  Her and Sam’s close proximity to the tragic event makes them not only witnesses but suspects, too.  And when not one, but two, more residents are found dead, Ellery and Sam are the unlucky ones to discover those bodies as well. 

Police Chief Lewis thinks it is more than a coincidence, and it’s up to Ellery and Sam to clear their names by finding the killer—or killers—roaming the streets of this small Ohio town.