Friday, July 1, 2011

Beach Bling: Beach Towels are a MUST HAVE!

Trust me when I tell you it is NO FUN to go to the beach without a towel.  While some people may enjoy the hot, scratchy sand against their skin, most prefer a little bit of cotton between them and the beach.  And you’ll need something to dry off with after a dip in the ocean.  And you’ll need something to wrap around you when you wander up to the Kimo’s Shaved ice stand.  And if the weather turns (which I hope it doesn’t), a good towel does double duty as a jacket. And, if for no other reason, you’ll want something to put between your wet, sandy self and the real Corinthian leather (or hot sticky vinyl) seats of your car 
     Bottom line is, you shouldn’t go to the beach without a really good beach towel.  Preferably one that reflects your personality. 
     You can always pick one up at the souvenir stand on your way to the beach.  Yeah, they allow you to advertise back home that "I Sunned My Buns on Miami Beach”, but these are often expensive and of little substance.  It’s best to remove the “emotion” (and margarita-buzz) from your purchase, so buy one before you leave home. 

     Usually starting around March, every linen store offers a full line of brightly colored towels, but it’s been my experience these are often designed for planned obsolescence.  In other words, they fade or wear out after one season (because good business men and women that they are, they want you to return next year and buy a stylish new one.)  Plus stock is often limited to a a dozen or so patterns. 
     But if you let your fingers do the shopping, there is a WHOLE WIDE WORLD of beach towels out there, just waiting to be purchased.
     When Googling “The Best Beach Towel Ever”, I found a great testimonial for an environmentally friendly towel that sounds like a good investment ($24):
     At you can get a really big blanket with a hole in the middle to plunk your umbrella through!  Now somebody was thinking there!  (price, $79.95.)
     If you’re looking for a beach towel that will reflect your personality, the largest selection can be found at  (Prices start at $17.)
     And you can never go wrong with the classic style and assured quality from L.L. Bean (two options available, starting at $24.) 
      Got money to burn?  Maybe you want the most expensive beach towel ever?  Here’s the post I found at:    
“This beach towel by Hermès, that hundred-plus-year-old Parisian design house famous for their printed silk scarves, measures 36″ by 60″ and is made of 100% cotton terrycloth. Hermès currently offers twenty different prints, with some designs available in multiple colors. The design shown can be purchased in blue or red. Other designs may come in hot pink, orange or yellow.  At $530, you’re not likely to find a more expensive beach towel. Will anyone else on the beach know you’re using such a luxurious towel? Maybe not, but you certainly will.”
Surf’s up, people!  So grab your towel and hit the beach! 


Ann Yost said...

You know, I love your stuff - so original and so funny - but it ALWAYS makes me want to go to the beach - always have to go out to Mich. (which I love, too) but next year -- THE BEACH! Have a great Fourth!

Julie Glover said...

I have a huge beach towel that works great for keeping bags off the sand and giving kids a place for a picnic. Now I'm thinking I should cut a hole in it and put my beach umbrella there! Nice idea. Thanks!

William Hurt said...

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