Friday, October 28, 2011

Beach Bling: What This Beach "Ghoul" wlll be Wearing this Halloween

Oh my goodness…I just scared myself silly.  I glanced at the calendar and realized it is already the end of October!  And that means Halloween is just around the corner.  And that, of course, means it’s really time to Get Your Scare On.  Unless, of course, you are like me, who prefers cute over scary, sweet over gruesome, princess-themed instead of monster-ish when it comes to selecting a costume for the season.
 So, in keeping with the theme of this blog, I thought I’d take this opportunity to explore all the adorable beach-themed costumes available for those who live, have visited, or have at least read a book about beach life (and that should include just about everyone.) 
We have a few in our own costume repertoire.   My poor son at age 4 he wanted to be a Power Ranger (the Red one, if memory serves…) but I preferred something cute.  After all, he was only four and I still had control over what he wore.  So off I went to the fabric store and spent way too much money on material that shimmered and made him an Octopus costume.  Is this cute or what???  

It was a pattern from Simplicity, I believe (although it wasn’t all that simple…probably because the material was so slick to work with) but it is probably my all time favorite costume I ever made.  It’s green with black flecks on the outside, and fully lined with a complimentary glittery ocean blue with black flecks material.   Sadly, I no longer have it (he outgrew it so I gave it away) and even sadder, I can no longer find the pattern in the stores so I can make one for myself.
          When my son got older he INSISTED on being something scary, but I really wasn’t ready for the monster thing yet so our compromise was a shark.  Check out the fins on this one:

(No, my son isn’t a lamp…but I’m home alone this morning so nobody to model the costume so I improvised…)  I still have this costume in my possession and it has been schlepped through many a Navy move and is pulled out for every Costume Emergency (including running a 5K on Halloween…no me!  My husband!)  It always draws a lot of comments, but I’ll be the first to admit it’s very awkward keeping the stuffed cone part balanced atop one’s head, especially when tossing back a few holiday libations.  Again, this was a Simplicity pattern which is no longer in the catalog. 
          There are plenty of other beach-themed costumes out there, both ones you can make yourself or nice ready-to-wear ones you can buy at any party store.  From the Sea Life files I’ve seen lobsters, crabs, fish and mermaids.  Then of course there’s always the Hula Dancer, Surfer Dude or Pirate (all together now let’s sing, “Yo ho Yo Ho a Pirate’s life for me!”) 
          I will admit this year we are not going as anything beach related but I just put the finishing touches on our literary-based costumes.  We’re going as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Suess’s The Cat in the Hat.  I’ll try to post pictures on my Facebook page next week.  And if I HAD to go and buy something this year (I seriously considered it, although it is against my personal costume principals) I thought the Angry Bird costume is just adorable:
          So what are you going to dress up as this Halloween?  Or do you have a favorite costume from Halloween’s past?  Do you dress up your dog or cat, too?  (I’ve always wanted to, but the dog never cooperates!  I can’t even get a pair of reindeer antlers on her at Christmas!) I would love some new ideas for next year, so please leave a comment. 
          Happy Halloween! 

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Julie Glover said...

One of my sons was a shark one year when he was a toddler. One of my favorite years for my boys was when they went as Batman and Robin; Grandma made the costumes. Great job on the costumes you made! They look wonderful.