Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beach Craft: Life's a Beach

This is the view when you come in the back door of our little beach cottage.  So while life is not always a "vacation," at least every time it feels like one!

But this is what it looked like before I got crafty:

Boring, right????  And it screamed "You've got a long list of chores to be done. Go get a load of laundry!" Not the thing you want to think about all the time.

So one day I decided the room need a look with a more positive vibe.  This one-day craft project involved a trip to Michael's for craft supplies and two hours of painting.  It comprised of four east steps:  

  • Clear the clutter.
  • Stencil the words. (Paint and brushes, Michael's <$10)
  • Apply the flip-flop stick ons (Michael's, <$15)
  • Roll up the towels and fill the beach bag.
The project was cheap, required no talent, had was done before it was time to start cooking dinner.  Easy Peasy.  And fun.

But in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that things got a bit out of hand when I decided I needed a nice piece of furniture to hide the clutter.  Thankfully the furniture store was having a sale and since it was the last one I got the "floor sample discount", but Still $250 over budget. But isn't it perfect?

Isn't that the way that projects usually go? 

Now I'm waiting for the dryer to break down so I can get really nice stainless steel front-loading washer/dryer set.  This brings to mind the Home Depot commercial where a woman takes a sledge hammer to her old machine and informs her husband that it "broke" and she needs a new one.  (Anyone got a sledge hammer handy?)

Happy crafting, beach lovers!

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