Monday, January 27, 2014

Beach Writers: January Starter Sentence

If it weren't for Starter Sentences, I'd have no sentences at all!  So at least I'm writing a little something every month.  This was written while I sat without Internet access at a car repair place...they didn't have the part on hand so had to send out for  it and so 2-1/2 hours later I had a working vehicle AND a short story, of sorts.  Enjoy!

          “The forecast calls for snow…”
I hit the power button on the remote control, effectively muting meteorologist Don Slater before he could give me any more bad news.  It seemed Mother Nature wasn’t on my side for the biggest day of my little life.
                No, I’m not getting married.  Been there, done that, the whole big bridal extravaganza.  Soooo not worth it.  Next time…if there IS a next time…it’s gonna be just me and my dearly beloved at the justice of the peace.
                No, I’m not having a baby either, much to my mother’s disappointment.  She’s ready for grandbabies.  Not from me.  Not without a husband.  And as I’ve mentioned, that’s a big IF.
                And no, I’m not reinventing myself with a sexy new career like movie star or foodie talk show host.  (Although I haven’t given up on that dream…I’m ready willing and able to take over for Rachel Ray when she moves on to bigger and better things, although what’s bigger than her TV show I can not imagine.)
                As I mentioned earlier, today is the biggest day of my little life.  Today is the day the dream I’ve held since I was eight-years/three-months old is about to come true.  Today, after more than 20 years of waiting, my dog Chompers and I are going to be the grand marshals of the Hanover Falls Grand Springenfest Parade which, with great pomp and circumstance, ushers in the first day of spring.  We’ll wave (well, I’ll wave and Chompers will wag) and toss out Jolly Rogers candy (don’t ask me why, other than it’s a tradition) and bask in the glow of being the MVP of the SPCA the past year. All this—and here’s the exciting part—while riding shotgun in a sleek, lemon-yellow Corvette Convertible…but only if it doesn’t snow. 

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Kath Marsh said...

How cool is that!!! congratulations! And I'll take your snow, for today, so you two can ride in that Corvette!

Janet Greger said...

I love your short story. I get tired of the myth that weddings are the greatest days of our lives. Your character says it perfectly.
JL Greger, author of medical thrillers: Ignore the Pain and Coming Flu