Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beach Writers: November Starter Sentence

<<For those of you new to my blog, every month my Writer's Guild gives a starter sentence and off we go writing a very short story. The part that got us started is in bold italics...feel free to use it to jump start your muses this holiday season!>>

     The turkey was delicious, but something tasted funny about the gravy.  Then all of a sudden Aunt Mable clutched at her throat then fell face down in her mashed potatoes.  We all stopped eating and stared at the dear old woman, watching as golden gravy oozed through her blue-tint hair.   Nobody rushed to her rescue, nobody reached over to pick her head out of her plate, nobody called 9-1-1.  In fact, nobody seemed dismayed in the least at this turn of events, just waited quietly for something else to happen.

     This was my first holiday with the Callahan clan. Was it part of their Thanksgiving tradition to have someone take a nose-dive into the feast? I looked across the table at my fiancĂ© Mark.  Our eyes met.  Did I detect a twinkle in those baby blues? With great exaggeration he mouthed, “Wait for it.” Thirty seconds later, Aunt Mable popped her head up and yelled “April Fools!”  Everyone laughed and clapped and agreed that it’s cute when a one-hundred-and-three year old woman confuses her holidays.

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The December starter sentence is: "The tree we bought smelled great..." Go ahead and give it a try yourself!

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